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Our Commitment to PCICS

Here at Traphagen, we understand that your field is demanding. The reality is that you are always at the forefront of a new complex case or research study. This level of commitment to others can result in your personal finances taking a secondary position. We know that optimizing the areas of taxation, estate planning, wealth management and your overall financial plan are essential. For precisely this reason, Traphagen has made a commitment to the society that we will provide the same level of care and guidance that you provide to so many. 

As part of our commitment, we want you to feel comfortable connecting with your Traphagen team to ask questions and seek out guidance. Therefore, our conversation will be on a confidential and complimentary basis. It is our privilege and joy to partner with you in navigating through each aspect of your financial life. 

We have provided the following portal as a means for us to connect. We look forward to speaking with you and appreciate all that you do. 


Christopher Fundora, CFP®, CRPS®

Director of Retirement Planning 

Wealth Advisor