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Newsletter Sign Up

Traphagen CPAs & Wealth Advisors offers newsletters to both clients and prospective clients covering many topics throughout the year. We offer 3 firm newsletters which communicate important information on changes we are making to our portfolios/financial market commentary, financial planning, and accounting/tax tips and updates.

If you wish to receive any or all of these newsletters please enter your e-mail address below, select the newsletters you are interested in, and you will be added to the appropriate mailing list(s) going forward. If you decide you do not want to receive the update(s) any longer you may ‘opt-out’ at any time.

Due to our newsletters being flagged by some mail systems as ‘spam’ we encourage all who did not receive the mailings to check their ‘Junk Mail’ folder. Please mark ‘Not as Junk’ and the newsletters should be received from that point forward with no problem.

Summary of Each TFG Newsletter:

Portfolio & Investment Update: This is a quarterly update (sent January, April,  July, and October)  authored by our investment committee which focuses on any recent changes we have made to client portfolios, what we see in the markets currently, and our outlook for the future. In addition we include a overview of the prior quarter ‘s equity, fixed income, and alternative markets.

Financial Planning Newsletter: This is a quarterly update (sent January, April, July, and October) which concentrates on financial and retirement planning tips and articles. Applicable topics covered are IRA planning, tax minimization, college funding, estate planning, and insurance.

Accounting & Tax Newsletter: This is a monthly update authored by our accounting division which focuses on recent tax law changes, business accounting articles, and retirement plan options. This newsletter is especially important for small business owners and anyone who wants to keep up with the latest tax law changes and tax minimization opportunities.