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Featured Articles

Team TFG hosts Shred It Day

On June 9, 2018, Team TFG hosted our annual Shred It Day. This event encompassed all things shredded while enjoying quality shredded BBQ!

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Team TFG "Shares the Loss on Tax D-Day"

On April 17, 2018 (Tax D-Day), we will be celebrating our 48th Annual Beard Shaving Event! Through this event, we will also be supporting a greater cause – the fight against Lymphoma. Please help Team TFG and LRF raise money & awareness about Lymphoma to help eradicate this disease.

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James A. Lawrence, CPA, CCPS featured in Financial Advisor (FA) Magazine

James A. Lawrence, CPA, CCPS was recently interviewed by the Financial Advisor (FA) Magazine regarding tax strategies that can be used to help clients who suffer financial losses during a hurricane catastrophe. He was then quoted in the FA Magazine article written by Jeff Stimpson titled “If Your Client Suffers Hurricane Damage”, published in the September 2017 Issue.

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