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Stable Value Fixed Income

Portfolio Objective: 

The portfolio seeks to be ‘risk-neutral’ and strives to be as stable as possible with high liquidity regardless of market conditions. This portfolio also provides a reasonable cash flow yield.

Portfolio Overview: 

This portfolio attempts to achieve its objective by allocating the majority of funds to a well diversified mix of treasury, investment grade corporate, and government agency bonds of short to intermediate duration. In addition there are moderate allocations to emerging market, high yield, and TIP bonds. A smaller portion of the portfolio is devoted to cash flow producing commodities, real estate, and low volatility equities. The exact allocations between all asset classes are constantly monitored to ensure the most stable portfolio possible.

Portfolio Highlights

Cash Flow Yield: 3.20%
Only ‘Risk-Neutral’ Portfolio, Permanent Defensive ‘bias’ in all equity/alternative asset classes
Approximate Duration: 5.0 years
Targeted Risk (SD): 4.75%
Targeted BETA: 0.25


Mutual Funds: 10%
ETFs: 90%

Current Risk Summary

Overall Risk: Low
Credit Risk: Low
Duration Risk: Moderate
Market Risk: Low