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Portfolio Objective: 

The portfolio is designed to deliver long term growth with cash yield as a secondary objective.

Portfolio Overview: 

This portfolio attempts to achieve its objective by allocating roughly 75% of funds to commodities, real estate, and both conservative large cap/high yield and cyclically sensitive equities (both foreign and domestic). The remaining 25% is allocated to a mix of investment grade, high yield, TIP, and agency bonds. Occasionally Traphagen will trade tactically around the core allocation as we see market opportunities arise.

Portfolio Highlights

Cash Flow Yield: 2.70%
Long term growth
Approximate Duration: 6.5 years
Targeted Risk (SD): 15.50%
Targeted BETA: 0.85


Mutual Funds: 25%
ETFs: 75%

Current Risk Summary

Overall Risk: High
Credit Risk: Moderate/High
Duration Risk: Low
Market Risk: High