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What do you do to#giveback? Use the #Traphagen50ActsofKindnessto tell us about your Acts of Kindness!
Acts of Kindness 32 Thumbnail

Acts of Kindness 32

Craig Sikora, EA, together with the Knights of Columbus, volunteered in the “Keep Wood-Ridge Beautiful” event

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Acts of Kindness 30 Thumbnail

Acts of Kindness 30

Team Traphagen worked at a concession stand during The Northern Trust PGA Championship Tour to raise funds for school students

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Acts of Kindness 29 Thumbnail

Acts of Kindness 29

Traphagen Partner, James A. Lawrence, CPA, CCPS, served as the President of the Oradell Chamber of Commerce.

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Acts of Kindness 28 Thumbnail

Acts of Kindness 28

Robert J. Traphagen, CPA, CGMA, established the Past Presidents’ Scholarship Award through the NJCPA Society

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