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Acts of Kindness 43

Steven Budryk, CPA at Traphagen, is a Ramapo College alumnus and gave a presentation for the Ramapo College Alumni and Business Partners Program, Financial  Speakers Series.  Steven shared insights into recent tax law changes, strategic planning opportunities for individuals and businesses, individual stimulus payments, future law proposals, and Paycheck Protection Program loans.   

The Ramapo College Alumni Relations and Business Partners Program is offered through Ramapo College and welcomes representatives from area banking institutions, multi-national corporations, and privately held companies with a local focus. This program allows business partners to share their expertise and business acumen and interact with students and faculty through their membership. Business Partnerships are offered with a charitable donation toward student scholarships, student/faculty research, and special campus programs that help the college meet current and future goals. The Financial Speaker Series allows current Ramapo College students and Business Partners access to guest speakers where they can discuss a variety of business topics. The Program also provides students educational and networking opportunities outside of a classroom setting.   

To learn more about the Ramapo College Alumni and Business Partners program, visit their website: https://www.ramapo.edu/giving/business-partners/. To make donations to the college visit: https://www.ramapo.edu/giving/how-to-give/