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Digital Media

Traphagen CPAs & Wealth Advisors and Balance Point have partnered to present the Business Solutions On-Demand Webinar Series

How to Save and Build Wealth Under the New Tax Laws

In this 28-minute presentation, Traphagen's Chris Chuydk, CPA, CITP, will inform business owners what they need to know about the new tax laws:

  • C Corporations Taxed at a flat 21%
  • Pass Thru Entities/Solos - the new 20% deduction
  • The Importance of a Structure Analysis
  • Depreciation:  Section 179 & Bonus
  • Meals and Entertainment
  • And much more

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Corporate Retirement Planning:  

Reduce Tax & Increase Savings

In this 30-minute segment of our webinar series, Traphagen's Christopher Fundora, CFP, CRPS presents cost-effective strategies and examples on how to reduce income tax while saving for your retirement.

  • How to effectively structure a 401(k) plan
  • The value of a Solo 401(k) vs. SEP IRA
  • "Bolting on" a Profit Sharing Plan
  • Understanding Cash Balance Plans
  • Maximizing tax advantaged savings